Top 5 CPA Content Locking Networks

Do you wish to generate higher revenue from CPA network marketing? You need to identify the most lucrative and top content locking websites first. With hundreds of performance marketing and CPA content locking networks out there, it can be quite confusing for a newbie to know the best ones.

If you’re just getting started, here is what you need to do in order to succeed with CPA Networks:

- Identify your audience
- Find the best CPA websites with good content lockers 
- Check the payout per conversion
- Look at their reputation and reviews

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the top cpa networks with proven payouts and good reputation. So you don’t have to dig search engines to locate them. Without much ado, let’s now look at the five best content locking networks including their features and key benefits.

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1) OGads - Sign Up Now

Top of our list is OGAds, a leading CPA network that helps marketers, webmasters and affiliates promote and monetize their desktop and mobile traffic through content surveys and apps. They have a reliable mobile content locker for social media publishers who want to promote on Twitter, Vine, and Instagram. Their key selling points are the exclusive and high paying apps and weekly campaigns.

Key features & benefits:

• User-friendly and fully customizable desktop content locker
• Over 600 CPA offers available to affiliate marketers
• Super easy to integrate the content locker 
• Lots of weekly and monthly giveaways and prizes

Without doubt, OGAds rivals most CPA networks with its highly paid campaigns and unparalleled support by account managers who cover many geographic locations.

Sign up on OGAds today and grab all the high converting offers in different industries to generate your desired revenue!

2) CPAGrip - Sign Up Now

CPAGrip is a top-tier global CPA network that provides performance network and monetization tools to content publishers, advertisers, and website owners. They offer a range of advanced tools such as content locker, link locker, and download locker including 2,000+ offers. CPAGrip’s platform is custom built and their robust technology is retooled to maximize the performance of publishers.

Key features & benefits:

• Flexible payments options like PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, Check and others
• High converting offers in various industries
• Reliable tracking and campaign management tools
• Top-tier and mobile-friendly content unlocking platform
• Dedicated and friendly support managers

CPAGrip is a good choice for anyone who wants to monetize their traffic. They have a worldwide support team that is available 365 days a year.

Join CPAGrip and leverage their powerful performance marketing tools to increase the income from your affiliate marketing campaigns!

3) AdGatemedia - Sign Up Now

AdgateMedia joins the list of top cpa networks that offer non-intrusive advertisements in the industry.They have robust monetization and acquisition tools for affiliate marketers. What makes them stand out is their powerful advertising tools that let developers push digital content with real value. It’s easy to integrate their SDK to apps and start making money from their rewards offerwall. If you want to maximize your creations and at the same time driver user engagement, AdgateMedia will give you a great headstart.

Key features and benefits:

• Simple SDK that is easy to install
• Custom tracking platform that supports in-depth analytics
• Friendy and helpful account manager that help with integration
• Huge inventory of ads
• Global directory of publishers

AdgateMedia can help you reward loyal users and customers while engaging with their chosen brands. That’s why advertisers trust them to drive new app installations, subscriptions, and sales.

Join AdgateMedia and create powerful ads that maximizes your CPM and at the same time rewards your users.

4) MGcash - Sign Up Now

One of the best content locking networks, MGCash delivers a range of content marketing and monetization solutions to online marketers and medium-sized web publishers. Their keyword-based ad solutions are among the best in the online advertising space. Advertisers and publisher continue to rely on their solutions to generate high returns on investments. The best part is that it’s easy to integrate their solutions into marketing and advertising websites. To keep pace with rapid changes in the online advertising space, they continually invest in innovative technology to meet the needs of publishers and partners.

• Innovative marketing and effective monetization tools
 • Advanced web and mobile analytics platform
 • Exclusive offers from direct advertisers in 180+ countries
 • Bi-weekly payments to affiliate marketers via PayPal, ACH, Payoneer, Wire, and Webmoney
 • Fully optimized for the web, smartphones, and mobile devices
 • Fantastic service and reliable 24/7 support for members

With MGCash, you not only get powerful marketing tools but exclusive and high converting offers to help you generate more revenue from their traffic. Their advertising service is full managed something that allows you to focus your time and resource on improving content and driving traffic to your website.

Create your MGCash account and use their innovative CPA network technology plus experience to get the highest possible earning!

5) Adludum - Sign Up Now

Adludum is a reputable CPA network that bridges the gap between passion and what affiliates do to make a living online. Their key selling points is that they clearly understands what affiliates need to promote their ideas and products. If you want to create content and promote it online, you will be happy to know that Adludum gives you more creative freedom to implement your ideas and monetize them effectively.

Key features & highlights

• Powerful monetization tools and user-friendly dashboard 
• Proprietary SEO and WEB tools for affiliates
• Large collection of global offers
• Prompt payouts 
• Solid knowledge base for affiliate marketers
• Fast and attentive support team

With a robust in-house CPA content locking platform and a range of innovative tools, ADLUDUM empowers affiliates to expand with purpose and generate greater revenue from their traffic.

Join ADLUDUM and realize your true revenue potential with the help of a powerful CPA content locker today!


The top content locking networks above give you all the monetization and web analytics tools that you need to generate higher revenue from your traffic. They have a variety of offers from hundreds of brands, proven payouts, and flexible payment methods to affiliates. So if you sign up with them, you stand a greater chance to succeed with your CPA network campaigns.