My stint with Iwriter was a short one. I signed up in December and by January it was over. I had only wrote four articles and thought I would continue on and earn a little extra money. Now, I am not a trained writer, I did not go to school for it. I do enjoy it and feel I’m good enough to be paid for it. When I see some of the dumb stuff other people wrote and got money for it I figure there’s no reason I can’t. I even catch mistakes in spelling or grammar errors. Haha I may not catch my own sometimes. Check out my blog here:

Anyway, I thought I was doing good. Two of my article on Iwriter got good remarks. My first article got three stars and the second got five. On the third I got a disapproval and only one star. That’s okay some will not get approved I knew that and it’s nature of the beast on Iwriter. I continued on and wrote my fourth.

Some requesters ask for 300 words some 500 words. That is the standard for beginners. The better you get and the more ratings you get the pay scale can climb up a bit. For a 500 word article you get $2.43. For my fourth article I wrote a 300 word article which paid $1.62. The requester claimed they would give a five star rating to anyone who wrote 500 words. I felt that was unfair because a 500 word is paid $2.43. I wrote 370 words and submitted it. If I’m going to write 500 I want the appropriate fee of $2.43 and a rating I deserve or earn. So the next day I tried to sign into Iwriter and couldn’t. I got a message that says I am banned for low ratings. I was shocked.

What really caused me being banned? No explanation was ever given. In Iwriter rules and regulations it states if you get 10 low ratings in a row you could be banned but I only had one low ratings and had only wrote four articles. It pissed me off.

Here’s why, I kept getting these emails from Iwriter saying if I pay $149 I can move up to elite status faster and make more money. Well it’s a good thing I did not pay the fee perhaps I would have lost that since I got banned. More like fast track my way to getting ripped off.

I decided to respond to one of those email to inquire the reason for the ban and I actually got a reply. It was from some guy named Brad Callen and he said he is checking into the matter and will get back to me. After not hearing from him a few days I sent another follow up email and used the ID Ticket Number assigned to me. It’s been going on two weeks now and still have heard nothing.

Oh well, so I assume my Iwriter days will remain short and sweet and Brad Callen and Iwriter can kiss my ASS.

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