Show me how you think!

Last week I had an opportunity to talk to a UX and UI designer from one of the biggest NZ companies. I asked him for a coffee and we talked about UX. I showed him my small portfolio and here my troubles started. He was asking about problems that we were solving, use cases, my roles in the projects, software and tools I used. I was asked a lot of different and quite detailed questions. I answered them as best as I could but still I wasn’t prepared for some of them. I know that the questions were needed to understand projects that were presented in my portfolio, but still in some point they surprised me. Since I was a Project Manager I looked at my products and projects from a little bit different perspective. At that time, for me (and my boss) the most important thing was to deliver product on time and within given budget.

After the meeting I needed to think about my projects and the way there were presented in my portfolio. I understand that if I want to start working in the UX world I have to create a portfolio that shows my thinking process during whole project implementation. That’s a challenge because I do not have any big projects that I’ve created totally on my own.

This week conversation with another UX designer confirmed that portfolio where you show the thinking process is something that companies look for while hiring a new employee.

At this point, there are no shortcuts!

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