Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain
Kai Stinchcombe

5 Historical Moments Just Like Saying “Nobody Has Come Up With A Use For Blockchain” 10 years in.

  1. A sheep herder in Mesopotamia looking at his friend’s new wheat garden and saying “But you have to live in one place, wait for months while you pray for rain, only to have to pull it out of the ground and grind it up before you can eat it? Seems like a big waste of time.”
  2. A legal scholar from the oral legal tradition in Hammurabi’s Babylon looking at the the written legal code and exclaiming: “But writing all this stuff wastes so much perfectly good clay that should be used for huts!”
  3. A professional scribe, circa 1450, looking at Gutenberg’s Movable Type print shop and proclaiming “I see all this speculative hype and yada yada about printing, but the Pope still runs things, I can buy a place in Heaven for a pouch of Thalers, and the peasants still get their sermons in Latin. What’s the big deal?”
  4. A railroad magnate in 1895, looking at Karl Benz’s single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine automobile and concluding: “operating this thing requires you to drill a bunch of deep holes in the earth, extract a bunch of oil, and process that oil into gasoline…all just to move 2–4 people at one time! Who’s gonna bother with all that?”
  5. Every analog news executive in 2004, 10 years after the launch of Netscape, seeing blogs for the fist time and saying “Eh, every blog out there is just low grade garbage with no brand, no history, and no authority. What’s that got to do with me?”

More later, perhaps.