Dear Dirary… I mean Journal.

Thursday April 27, 2017

What’s my Passion?

Well, I’m getting contacted more and more, at random, by people wanting me to do their headshots or real estate photography. Actually, real estate photography hasn’t been too random, mostly the same clients over and over, but occasionally I’ll get someone new. I have some ideas on how to increase that, “random” contact for real estate. The Headsots are pretty interesting. I really like doing it. I think a lot of my business is coming from a talent agency in Dallas, Summer is the owner, and she’s really been a huge advocate. Also, the people I’ve done, seem to really like it. I am very grateful.

Side note, I binge watched a new show on Netflix, 13 Reasons Why, really good. I recommend it. This mystery is told in a way I’ve never seen. It’ll leave you with no choice but to watch the next episode. Fantastic writing. It is based around taboo things such as suicide and rape, but I haven’t seen a story told in such a way. It is completely compelling.

Oh, I don’t know if you read my previous posts, but I think I talked about trying to figure out what my “one thing” is. I don’t know if I wrote it on here or not. If I didn’t, the basis from a highly recommended and awarded book called, “The One Thing (The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results)” by Gary Keller. I’m still reading it, but it’s very interesting, and I am already implementing some of the stuff. It’s a how-to guide for productivity written by a multi-millionaire whose friends and nearly everyone he works with are millionaires. It’s not all about money, but I think we can all agree that people who are succeeding at these levels are doing something wildly different than we are. Or you think that they’re special, or you’re not, or some other excuse. Well they’re not and it’s okay if you’re not, because you don’t have to be. Flip through it. I think you’ll really like it, and it may take some inner digging but you’ll find what you need to start implementing the things that’s going to get you where you want to go.

Actually, I just realized looking at my board, that I didn’t get these questions from book. Two things, one I have a very large whiteboard on my wall, and a have size one on the other. Two, if you ask shitty questions, you’ll get shitty answers, ask great and insightly questions get great and insightful answers.

These questions weren’t asked in a list from like this, but I took them sporadically from the book, Crush it, by Gary Vaynerchuck. The actual title is “Why Now is the Time to Crush it! Cash in on your Passion” Okay so, I just thought, maybe I’ll give you the questions I had on my board for days. I put some serious thought into the answers, and I was actually convinced that this was imperative to my future to figure this out.

Let me just say this, it may not be obvious to you, or if you’re like me it might seem like many things. It may be difficult to understand. You’ll feel forced to put labels on things and pigeonhole yourself, but trust me, go deeper. For me, once I thought of all these things, I went more broad, and tried to figure out what all of these answers given to one question had in common. Anyway, I’ll let you do it for yourself. Here they are.

What do I love more than anything else in the world?

What do I think I was born to do?

What makes me happy?

What Activity would I do every minute of everyday, if I could?

What topic can I not shut up about?

What’s my passion?

What would make working, playing and relaxing one in the same?

Alrighty, that’s it. I never really know where these journal entries are going when I start. Even when I write in my personal journal. I just write. Initially, I thought I would tell you my outcome to these questions, but I think if you’re still reading this, it might benefit you to not have my answers. Think about it for yourself, and see what you come up with. Again, I didn’t intend on this being so, like a school exercise, that’s not what this is about for me. I’m just writing, and not doing much thinking before my fingers hit the keys.

Thanks so much for reading. It’s pretty cool that you are. I mean we barely know each other and you’re essentially reading my diary. I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I am.