Have Faith for the Middle

The beginning is fun, and the end is exciting. The middle is when it’s hard. The middle is where the excitement wears off and the unknown is all you see. The middle is the journey. The middle is what decides if you reach your end goal.

So save your strong faith for the middle, and be flexible with your plans. The plans you have to get you there may not be the ones that will. I’m not saying you have to believe in God or a higher power, but I think you do have to faith, which is complete confidence that what you want will come to be, even and especially in the trying times. I do not always have that complete confidence. In fact, more often than not I feel I don’t. I always found it shocking when people said that it seemed like I did.

In my experience, when you decide that you will do something, that you want something, that you will go after a dream, or do something you really want, you might quickly find yourself in tough times.

I always think it’s a test, to see if I’m for real or not. And that’s a good way to think about it, a test.

Stay strong, have faith that if you feel that promise in your heart for whatever it is you want that it is there for reason, and it will come to be. If you couldn’t do it, you couldn’t think it.

Have faith for the middle. The middle is where it begins. The middle is the hardest part.

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