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Establishing a strategic framework towards action on EDG #2


Recently, I launched a vision and action plan for a more innovative and entrepreneurial economy in New Zealand, collated across 15 years of insights growing the local startup community and peer-reviewed by key ecosystem leaders prior to publishing.

That plan laid out 8 key ecosystem development goals, which I believe, if thoughtfully implemented, will create a more a vibrant entrepreneurial economy in New Zealand.

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Visualising a startup community as a social network of super-connected nodes and bridges— image credit

Digging into Start NZ Up’s Ecosystem Development Goal #1


Last Month, I launched a vision and action plan for a more innovative and entrepreneurial economy in New Zealand.

As part of that plan, I created a framework of 8 key ecosystem development goals, that I believe, if we could put more top-down and bottom-up- focus into, will create a more a vibrant entrepreneurial economy in New Zealand.

Partnership for the Start NZ Up Ecosystem Development Goals

Last Month, I launched a vision and action plan for a more innovative and entrepreneurial economy in New Zealand.

The core thesis behind this plan was that whilst the world is locked down, and may well be for the future, how do we take this time to reflect on how to transform our economy to be future-ready, and more resilient to whatever comes at us in the future.

My main contention was that putting innovation and entrepreneurship at the heart of our recovery is the smartest way to do this, by investing in our people and future-capability.

The action plan…

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A 20 year vision to put innovation and entrepreneurship into the hearts and minds of every New Zealand citizen

As part of working with The Edmund Hillary Fellowship recently, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect upon my own journey of impact growing the startup community in New Zealand.

In particular, stepping back and surveying where I feel the biggest gaps are that still hold us back from building a truly transformative economy in New Zealand, especially in the face of so many catalysts for change right now.

So I took the opportunity over lockdown to collate these thoughts into a cohesive action plan that I’m officially launching today. It’s a plan focussed on investing in people and capability, which…

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Taking advice from high-growth product startups in times of crisis

Whilst there’s lots of advice floating around the startup world at the moment about how to deal with this crisis as a CEO, there’s scant little focussed on what it means to product leaders as we figure out how to adapt our products in a changing world.

These notes are a recap of an online session I co-hosted on 22nd April 2020 with Tokes, sharing some of the messages, strategy, and applied learning from startups to product leaders, and to give the product community an opportunity to share how they’re responding.

Note: a video recording of the session, slides, and…

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How To Apply Lean Startup In Government Or Any Large Organisation

Recently I was asked to present the closing keynote at the Future Government Summit in New Zealand. The overall theme of building a more adaptable and entrepreneurial modern Government featured many inspirational speakers, and good examples from the Australian Government on how they’re doing this.

My closing address, transcribed below, focussed on building innovation capabilities, mindsets, and cultures, and whilst targeted at Government, broadly applies to any large organisation looking for similar change.

For those who know my background, as you can imagine, this was a great opportunity to educate more people on doing things in a more entrepreneurial, startup-focussed…

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Reflections On My Failed Job Application for NZ’s first CTO

A few month’s ago a few friends inspired me to apply for the role of New Zealand’s first CTO, a leading role to define a public vision to bring NZ into the digital age as a global leader.

This posts shares details of my application, firstly to bring me some closure around being rejected, but primarily to share my thinking with whomever finally gets appointed in that role.

Now those few who really know me, know that I’d never willingly put myself forward for such a role; this is too big an ask for someone suffering as much imposter syndrome…

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Our lessons learned being a Government-funded incubator and why we aren’t any more

It’s been over a year since we were officially chosen as the first new founder incubator to receive central Government support from Callaghan Innovation in recent years. After reaching the end of our first year of contract, we decided not to renew for another year.

In this article, we wanted to explore the fundamental economics of running an incubator and accelerator programme in New Zealand, and why, even with some government support, the numbers just don’t stack up.

Reflecting back on our last few years, ZeroPoint Ventures has been an exercise in finding a gap in the startup ecosystem where…

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The Inaugural Auckland 2018 0.Sprint Cohort

It’s a wrap! Our inaugural 0.Sprint accelerator programme finished up in Auckland last week — so, how did it go?

Last week saw the finale of our inaugural ‘mini-accelerator’, 0.Sprint, showcasing eight of the ten ventures who had significantly accelerated their business progress in just 1 week!

When we set out to design a new model of venture acceleration we aimed to let people get the support they needed in much shorter bursts rather than the larger commitment of longer-term startup programmes. We weren’t sure what the results would be, but looking back over this week, we’ve been so pleased with the outcomes.

Whilst our 0.Sprint mini-accelerator was adapted from a ‘battle-tested’ process used by GV (Google Ventures), the final…

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MYOB host a panel of venture acceleration experts in Wellington to help businesses grow faster (img src:

Why we’re excited to see MYOB supporting grassroots entrepreneurship in New Zealand.

Over the last year, we’ve watched tech company MYOB work more and more closely with the startup community in New Zealand, running panels and sessions, supporting startup programmes, and recently producing their ‘state of the nation’ report on the growing early stage ecosystem in New Zealand.

Of course, we’re more than happy to see more large companies come join this space as I firmly believe corporate participation, by providing access to their resources and channels, and whilst they work closer with local startups is a big win for both sides in this community.

The more I get to know MYOB…

Dan Khan

Experienced startup CTO/CPO based in New Zealand; Built startup community & accelerator space in NZ; Passionate about helping Kiwi founders go global from NZ.

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