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Increasing New Zealand’s Entrepreneurial Density

Digging into Start NZ Up’s Ecosystem Development Goal #1


The 8 Key Ecosystem Development Goals at

A Deeper Look at Entrepreneurial Density

“Startup communities that are 3x larger, create about 5x more economic value” — Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020

Entrepreneurial Density By The Numbers

Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018, Startup Genome
New Zealand’s benchmarked startup community connectedness
Melbourne’s benchmarked startup community connectedness
Sydney’s benchmarked startup community connectedness
Singapore’s benchmarked startup community connectedness

Increasing Our Entrepreneurial Density

The Seven Capitals Which Impact Entrepreneurship In A Startup Community— Feld & Hathaway, 2020
The roles that super-connected and cross-connecting- nodes play in a social network or community

Engineering Serendipity

How do we bring the right people to the right place at the right time to discover something new, when we don’t know who or where or when that is, let alone what it is we’re looking for? This is the paradox of innovation: If so many discoveries — from penicillin to plastics — are the product of serendipity, why do we insist breakthroughs can somehow be planned? Why not embrace serendipity instead?

“We want to create opportunities for people to have ideas and be able to turn to others right there and say, ‘What do you think of this?’” — David Radcliffe, VP Real Estate Google

EDG #1’s High-Level Policy Recommendations

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