What Good Means

But gosh, I sure missed the certainty.

Within a year, they had to shut the whole thing down.

with a figurehead out front, you can navigate the immeasurable by magic.

Main Street (or thereabouts), Athens GA
From Internet.org’s Wayback Machine
Photo from the collection of Richard Saul Wurman

“…about how to choose the right way to present information and how to help people navigate through it. It’s a way of thinking. It’s how you go about something. It’s a whole way of life in which the aim is not to make something look good but to make it be good.”

“The classic pervasive seduction to designers is finding a solution instead of the truth.”

…the English sense of law, custom, and institution, which relies on ancient, but constantly renewed, agreement rather than rule-reliance on agreement whether we search backward to the ancient constitution or forward in our historical unfolding. That agreement is given weight by appeal to precedent, from time out of mind, and maintained as agreement by adaptation to current conditions. It is the English appeal to the unwritten constitution and to tradition.

Space Isn’t Neutral



information architect

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