Dank Signals weekly update June 11th 2018 — Social trading network, new features

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking a moment to read our weekly update . We wanted to share our next addition of features to the Dank Signals Social Trading Network!

Today we released the addition of a news section to the Social Trading Network. This page can be found in the green top sidebar of your user dashboard once you log-in to the service. This section will contain three topics, daily news, sponsored news, and ICO updates. Each day, you will find important information being shared within the space under the daily news category. We will be sure to keep you constantly updated so that you don’t need to scramble around trying to obtain information. Please make sure that you are always be checking back so you don’t fall begin within the scene!

The next section is for sponsored articles and ICO updates. Now you may think, but the ICO is almost over — Yes, our is. However, as you know, we are a traders knowledge hub filled with great decision making and informative choices. From time to time, we will share sponsored articles to bring exposure to new upcoming developments that we think you should consider keeping your eyes on. We will also allow high quality projects to share important updates regarding their services and structures, so ensure that everyone stays. This will ensure that together, as a community, we are able to help support other projects to expand and grow the overall blockchain industry expontentially.

We would like to thank you all for the continued support and donations which allow us to continue delivering on all our promises. The Dank Signals token sale remains open for just another 3 days — Don’t miss out on being one of the first token holders of our development! They’ll be looking back at how far we’ve come, in no time. Accepted currencies are Bitocin, Ethereum Ethereum Classic, Digibyte, and Litecoin. Jump over to https://danksignals.club/login.php to get your Dank Signals Tokens today!

Thank you all once agian!

Oliver, Chris & everyone at Dank Signals

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