Dank Signals Weekly Update June 3rd — Token verification, exchanges and more!

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Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us on another Weekly Update!

Yet again, this week has been busy at HQ for Dank Signals! We are NOT complaining! First, we wanted to take the moment to thank each and every supporter of our development! We are constantly growing & evolving. Now, we are reaching 50,000 active members since opening our platform just 6 months ago!!

We couldn’t be where we are today without all of you behind us, actively contributing towards our growth!

This week we have been working hard towards getting the token verified on EtherScan!
We had to re-launch the initial token, as we were unable to complete the proper verification with the source code — This has been resolved! You can officially view all the stats about our blockchain and do tasks such as query wallet addresses and verify that everything is truly secured!

**Please ensure to have the proper token data within your erc-20 wallets**
Token contract address for Dank Signals ERC-20 Token (DANK)
 — — — Address; 0xc354dde9ac078ed9572df94063c300d1d92468fd — — — — — Symbol; DANK — — — 
— — — Decimals; 18 — — —

Verifiable on Etherscan @ https://etherscan.io/token/0xc354dde9ac078ed9572df94063c300d1d92468fd

The token sale officially completes on June 15th @ 11;59;59PM UTC. On the following day, we will begin processing withdrawals.

If you purchased tokens from the Private sale, Pres ale, or Public sale — you will be able to withdrawal these tokens immediately to your personal Ethereum wallets. Trading is expected to begin on Octa Ex trading Platform the within a few days, if not on the release date of June16th — This depends on how fast Octa Ex support is with enabling trading pairs. We are in contact with them :)

If you are a participant of the Referral Program, Bounty Program, or Airdrop Program, these tokens will be eligible for withdrawal from our platform 30 days after the sale ending — July 15th. We have structured this to allow a token value foundation to be formed before releasing an influx of free tokens.

Next, we have distributed the pool allocations reserved for such things as marketing budgets, infrastructure expansions, bounties/airdrop/referral pool, ICO pool, team fund, etc. These wallets will be available on our website, and publicly verifiable to contain all allocations at any given time on Ether scan(other than ICO pool & Bounties/airdrop/referral pool).

Some of these pool are set to be locked for a minimum of 6 months, & 12 months. See below.
Initial supply 1,000,000,000 dank tokens
Max supply 25,000,000,000 dank tokens

Official wallet addresses 
On-Site staking rewards allocation — 24,000,000,000 tokens
Address / 0xc4BCa4fB49064191ecbeff27359c07f92cd86c01

Marketing budget allocation — 2% of initial supply 20,000,000 tokens 
(Locked for 6 months, eligible for release December 15th)
Address / 0xdb61268a3920e2E024Ae8A94356271eD514B0d6E

Infrastructure budget allocation — 3% of initial supply 30,000,000 tokens 
(Locked for 6 months, eligible for release December 15th)
Address / 0x078aA2B44d8A59A8BE40D7DcCf0652efF1fa1a34

Team fund allocation — 10% of initial supply 100,000,000 tokens 
(Locked for 1 year)
Address / 0x100674Aa2dA9a13AC52F8C6CdCDEB6860b07D789

Bounties,airdrops & referrals — 5% of initial supply 50,000,000 tokens
Address / 0x65017FB7941e5C8DaEaedAEAe0FF7eDa9cC0110A

Token sale — 70% of initial supply 700,000,000 tokens
Address / 0x7890f0ADce8b70058eD7D8C7ec1B3B60c37991D4

Alpha functionality testers — 10% of initial supply 100,000,000 tokens 
(Locked for 1 year) 
Address / 0xEfc1e3Cd038a2Fa90F8F36848eBbe902D75708bA

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