How to purchase DANK tokens from ICO

How to purchase DANK SIGNALS Tokens!

Go to

Create an account, or log into your existing account.

Once you log into your account, you will be displayed with the buy token page. Here you can enter the amount of USD you wish to spend and select “BUY NOW”.

Once you enter the amount you wish to purchase,you will be displayed with a confirmation window that shows how many tokens you will receive. Just click on “PAY NOW” to proceed!

Once you confirm, you will be redirected to the coinpayments processing page . You will need to enter a name for the receipt.

Select the coin you wish to pay with and click on “Complete checkout” tol get the deposit address to transfer your funds.

Send your payment to the address that you receive on your screen. You will need to ensure full payment is sent within 2 hours.

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