Social Trading Network V0.0.3 Release. Weekly Update June 6th 2018

Hey everyone! Thank you all for continuing to support our platform! We are growing each day and developments are being achieved just as we campaigned!

Today , I wanted to share with everyone the official release of Version 0.0.3 of our Social Trading Network.

As you may know from following our growth over the weeks, ALPHA release v0.0.1 consisted of our Automated trading bots configured to two major exchanges on 5 indicators. Release version 0.0.2 consisted of the addition of Kucoin and Okex exchanges to the trading bot, as well as 4 new trading indicators. The trading bot operates on live base markets of BTC, ETH and USDT generating real crypto profits!

Well, today we have ALPHA release v0.0.3, which consists of fully customizable user profiles! We really can’t have a social trading network without providing each user with a full profile. Starting today, when you log into your account on our website, notice just above the “log-out” icon on the left panel, you will see the option to select “Profile”. Once you select this button, you will be displayed with your actual trading profile. Please select the Edit button and begin to customize your profile for the Social network!

You will be able to customize your profile to display your name, a customized avatar, input years of trading experience, your personal interests, general country location, link other social media profiles including telegram, twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, choose favourite coins for investing/trading and also transfer token balances between user accounts with ZERO transaction fees!

Feel free to jump on board, over to and get to work customzing your individual profile!

We will be releasing more amazing features in the coming weeks, such as straegy leasing, ratings & reviews, chat forums, ICO calenders, courses, consulting and more! Stay tuned!

Don’t forget you can still purchase Dank Signals tokens from our ico until June 15th! The price will increase per token on June 8th at 11;59;59PM UTC . Accepted currencies include bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ethereum classic, and digibyte! !

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