A Personal Note on Our First Year

We’re kicking off our second year at Foundermark today. To mark the occasion, we’re sharing a few findings from the past year and talking about what’s next.

Here are the 3 biggest things we wish we knew before we started…

1. Know what makes you tick and stick with it — we explored models that we knew we would never be a part of long-term; don’t waste your time on un-relatable projects, no matter how big the opportunity appears… you’ll pass anyway

2. Remain laser-focused if supporting multiple properties — we launched a couple properties just because they were in attractive markets and ended up putting them on ice; only start things where you have an unfair advantage

3. You can still write the story, even if you don’t know the ending — the stress we put on ourselves to define our model in a short period of time often clouded our judgment; by focusing on our end users and the titles that serve them, we made progress despite ourselves

I may write another post on the details of our business model in the future, but for now, at the 1-year mark, we can say that we’ve got three properties that we are exited about. The focus for the upcoming year is on improving these properties and growing audience significantly.

  • Vestly — stock investing game where people compete, win cash and learn about the stock market
  • Friended — connect with others in real-time for chats based on personality; guess someone’s personality right for a bonus
  • Photodrop — competition for the best photo taken at festivals, trips, weddings, etc. with group photo gallery and chat

We are hiring growth and engineering talent and are open to having conversations about possible partnerships. If our model and approach sound interesting to you — drop us a line!

Above all, I just want to thank everyone for their continued support along the way, thank you.


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