You Do Not Become Poor To Help The Poor

If you are from this part of the world where I come from “Nigeria”then you should have been buried in the routine of every four years. For those who are not familiar with this, you see, every four years, we are made to believe here is an opportunity for us to elect those who will represent us in public offices.

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This period, comes with campaigns, and other manipulations possible. The campaign process in Nigeria has one key purpose: “Get the sympathy of the masses”. (Nigerians are very emotional, I think.)

So, every four years, what our politicians do, is to pretend to be like the people, to reach the people. For they have elevated themselves as gods, they must stoop low to be accessible, else they won’t reach the goal. It is somewhat strategic in such a manner that buys them the worship of the people. It works like magic, in my eyes.

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They start buying things assumed to be for the common man. They visit orphanages and sleep on the beds of those orphans. They help market women sale their wares. They assist an “MSc holder,” working at a fuel station with the pump.

They have always known that these problems exist, but their attention is drawn to them only when every four years is rounding up for another cycle. Rather than fixing them, they prefer acting out sympathy and doing nothing after the brief gesture. For God sake, if you understand the plight of the common man, tell him what you have done about his plight. You do not make yourself mad to help a mad man.

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Sentiments of the masses, across religious affiliations, ethnicity, and the others, is a vital ground for their gimmicks to thrive.

I believe a good politician is one whose campaign is based on his track record in the previous years, his understanding of what it means to have a functional system in place, and an evidence of creating one for the people. A politician whose campaigns revolve around pretending to be poor, or be like the common man, is just a joker. Praising a politician for traveling by economic class, or for visiting a few schools, or for supporting market women with funds are just naïve and hypocritical. Aren’t they like all men? Are they not there to serve in the first place? I think leadership in my country is one of the most confusing things around here.

Our political space looks like a circus. The people enjoy the show however, and pay with their blood to have these clowns up there. My views might be hinged on the fact that I probably do not understand politics. But then, for those who understand, is this how it works? Is it about those hoping to get into political offices telling us about how everything is wrong with the past administration but not about what they have done to still make lives better during that period? Is it about excusing someone from a past administration on the ground that the power he wielded wasn’t significant as such, rather than showing us what he had done with that little power?

I want to understand what it means to serve, to fight for a nation one calls home, and to see the common man happy. Sometimes, it becomes blurry here, and you start running into insanity. This is one of the many things that comes from that place of insanity.

Cheers to something better!




I do not know as much as you think I do.

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Nengak Precious

Nengak Precious

I do not know as much as you think I do.

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