Becoming a founding member of Medium

I’ve been in and out of the Medium platform for the last couple of months. Reflecting on why, my conclusion is that the algorithm somehow overwhelmed me with life lessons and life advices (do they know something I don’t know?). Thousands of words written to inspire you on how to become a greater self with platitudes and and five step lists. As the content got more and more inferior the time I spent reading at Medium became less and less. In my search for greater and more interesting content I turned to The Correspondent or The Economist.

Unserious content or even fake news is taking more and more places in the feeds around the world and the news media are struggling to find the right economics, putting them in a downward spiral in terms of great content when clicks are the currency they trade for cash.

Unfortunately a lot of people won’t sacrifice their cafe au lait on the way to work in order to pay for greater content and a lot of people just won’t take the time to read to understand the greater picture, staying satisfied with the 200 sign long article. And if this is a problem today, this will become an even greater problem in the future and the world will become divided by those who read and understand and by those who accept what is shown in their newsfeed.

As you are aware of a lot of content platforms are struggling to find their own business models. Medium isn’t exception. But still, Medium is producing a lot of great content for a lot of different people. Some love to read about those life advices given, some love to read poetry and some love the read about traveling or even business, tech or AI — it’s all on Medium and the quality can be great. I’ve cleaned up the topics and writers I follow and decided to become a founding member, paying USD 5 a month to support a platform where great writers publish great ideas that need to be shared. Maybe you should pay for some content as well.

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