The Snack

Get up. Do a morning run. Eat breakfast. Walk to Machiya Station. Take the Chiyoda line from Machiya to Hibiya. Ginza line from Hibiya to Ginza. Take the five minute walk to the co-working space The Snack. Spend my day and evening working on stuff and then get back home at night. Before going to bed take a walk in the home area.

That’s about it. That’s how the last couple of days has been. But it feels good. I like to be productive and making progress.

It was quite hard to find a good co-working space with a decent commuting time from Machiya, where I live. Googling “coworking space+tokyo” didn’t generate great results but I found two links:

The hardest part trying to get around here in Tokyo is the language barrier. A lot of people don’t speak or don’t have the confidence to speak English. So asking questions or when trying to find information on websites can be quite hard but still the locals are super friendly so one will manage to make it eventually, but patience is needed — from both you and the people you’re trying to communicate with. As I told you before the most important part has been to find a place with good wifi and the Snack does offer a decent connection. It’s also located a 25 min commute and only one change of metro line to get from door to door, which I consider be pretty good in this gigantic city.

This Saturday my mother is arriving to Japan. So except from getting work done I’m going to hang out with her and my ojisan, grand father. My goal is definitely to do more than just sitting around at the co-working space this weekend but I’s just that when you have the inspiration going and you’re stoked about work you should work, if it’s what you believe is fun, no matter what weekday it is.

I re-read an article about work/life balance yesterday written by Tobias van Schneider. It pretty much explains my view and the work/life balance thing and why I’m having a hard time drawing a distinct line between them both. It’s only a 4 min read.

Time to do some number crunching before having a check-in with the CEO of my company now!

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