Woke up at 5 am today. I thought we were going to the Tsukiji fish market — which btw is to be relocated to the despair of the locals— but when we arrived we realized the market was closed due to a national holiday. A bummer because I could sleep out but at the same time great since I haven’t got into the routine about getting up early bird as I’m used to.

For a couple of years I’ve been commuting from Stockholm to Eskilstuna. It’s a one hour train ride and the optimal train in terms of arriving time departs at 6:28 am from the Central Station in Stockholm, meaning that you’ll have to get up at maybe 5:30 am if you want to take that shower before leaving for work. During my commuting period I had the best morning routines in my life and when arriving at the office I had so much energy since my brain had already been awake for a couple of hours. ALso I gave my self time so I didn’t need to stress with breakfast or crowded trains. I even subscribed to the Swedish daily business newspaper, Dagens Industri, in physical paper (!!!) format and read it through every single day. This to keep up with what’s going on but also to activate my brain. As soon as I turn my alarm clock on later or when snoozing the start of the day becomes less productive and good and my energy and sharpness throughout the whole day decreases. I believe there’s a huge difference on how your day will turn out if you’re waking up every morning feeling good and energized compared to being stressed and deenergized.

5:30–7:30 am — the most productive hours of my day

During weekdays I’ve always been somewhat of a morning person and the first and early hours of the day are always the most productive ones. No other time during the day has so few distractions — it’s perhaps the one time every day when you are in full control of your own time. No one is there to steal your attention, thoughts or physical training and you can give whatever you are doing 100% focus.

  • What are your morning routines? How do you start your weekdays?

I’m not a big fan of “how-to-lists” or even less of “how-to-become-lists” but I’ll flip in an article about How to become a morning person anyways!

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