Art X Tech Ideas

Culturate’s ‘Art Challenge’ hackathon is happening this weekend. (22–23rd Jan) Over the next few days I’ll be chewing on my pen, thinking of hack ideas and jotting them down here. Follow me on Twitter to know when it’s been updated.

Only 1 Artwork

A website which sells only one artwork every month. Inspired by the Japanese bookshop which stocks only one book at a time.

This bookstore that sells only one book could also be described as ‘a bookstore that organises an exhibition derived from a single book’. For instance, when selling a book on flowers, in the store could be exhibited a flower that actually appears in the book. Also, I ask the authors and editors to be at the bookstore for as much time as possible. This is an attempt to make the two-dimensional book into three-dimensional ambience and experience. I believe that the customers, or readers, should feel as though they are entering ‘inside a book’.

With art websites offering countless numbers of artworks from artists working in all mediums from every corner of the globe, this wesbite bucks the quantity trend and in doing so, gains the focussed attention of the viewer to fully explore an artwork through specially commisioned content.

Although the website focusses on 1 artwork, there will be multiple products derrived from the artwork. Prints etc.

Music to accompany artwork

Inspired by the Soundscape Exhibition at the National Gallery. The app allows people to pair artwork with existing music. The app would primarly be designed to be used in exhibitions. It could use image recognition and the Spotify SDK to offer you a soundtrack to your gallery visit.

Here’s an obvious example. Rothko at the Tate Modern with Philip Glass:

Rothko with Philip Glass @ the Tate Modern


A chance to adopt your very own Fin. Benfactr’s flavour of crowd funding allows you to become a Benefactor to an artist who you admire. The app encourages users to part with a small monthly subscription £1-£5 in return for benefits. These could include:

  • That warm fussy feeling for suppporting another human being.
  • Exclusive access to private Instagram, Twitter and other social feeds.
  • Invites to Benefactor Only events.
  • Digital content produced by the artist. (Wallpapers etc.)
  • Prioritised access to artwork. Sale or Loan.

At any time you can cancel, so the emphasis is really on the artist to keep their Benefactors loyal.

Having just 1 person believe in you, and willing to pay, is motivating. Having 1000 people paying you £2 a month is a living wage.

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