The “news” is nuts. We had Iranian assets frozen and delayed unfreezing some of them until we got prisoners back, and now there is controversy over that. There is criticism of Obama for not being in Louisiana, even though FEMA, under his administration, has been exemplary in the crisis and is taking care of it. The head of the FBI, when called before Congress, clarifies that Hillary did not send any emails that were marked classified.

In other words this is not news. It is constant criticism and negativity, because there is nothing else for the Republicans to do, really, as they have no positive agenda for governing. Their agenda is to reduce the size and authority of the federal government, which resulted in the disastrous Katrina debacle. Instead of a professional they used the administrative post to reward a party hack and gutted FEMA.

They are always trying to “equalize” the parties by finding a Whitewater to counterbalance Watergate, an Iran hostage for ransom problem to counterbalance Iran Contra, and they desperately want to paint Hillary as dishonest or even mentally unstable to counterbalance the unvarnished dishonesty and mental instability of Trump. And the news media, because there is a two party system, gives equal time to constructive governance and destructive attacks on those who are trying to get something done.