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Andre i am asking basic questions. Can you give me any examples here on earth of humans living in desolate locations and thriving while at the same time their civilization,sources of water,food and cultural is entirely hidden? Even in Mongolia the nomadic people move with livestock and their tents in tow. Let me tell you why your “analysis” sees these “artifacts” which somehow trained NASA technicians miss. Scale. If you were to show your “findings” to a qualified person i can guarantee you they would tell you that the scale is all over the place. You “see” images in the foreground AND background that somehow are the same scale which makes no sense. Lets take a photo of a crowd for example, the people in the foreground will be bigger than the people in the background. If you were to make them the same scale you would have to crop and zoom in which would degrade the image quality in the exact same way you have. How are statues at ground level but absolutely no trace whatsoever of their civilization is visible? Answer that at least. Its almost as though you are seeing what you want to see and isnt there a word for that?

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