In all honesty, I’ve been struggling with being okay with my friends who voted for Trump.
Lance Mealer

So you would prefer to 1. Be at war with Russia 2. Be illegally imposing a no-fly zone in the sovereign nation of Syria 3. Financing and training islamic terrorists to overthrow regimes for the Saudis 4. Sending your military into futile conflicts and dying in the sand for no reason 5. Be ruled by a 70 year old rich white woman with a proven track record of failed who covered up her husband raping women (hey isnt she meant to be a woman’s advocate?) 6. A corrupt shill of the Saudis. She played the woman card but it couldn’t cover up how evil she was. Liberals whitewash her as though she was Bernie, she was a Republican war hawk wrapping herself in the rainbow flag to suit her own egomaniacal desire for power.