5 Proven Strategies to Growth Hack Your Way to 100k Users For Your SaaS Startup

You’ve worked MONTHS gearing up to launch your product.

You’re absolutely CERTAIN that the market will receive it with the same level of enthusiasm as you do (and I mean… why wouldn’t they? Your thing is awesome).

So you put your reputation on the line by inviting 300 of your most influential friends and investors into a swanky-ass theatre for the official launch party. We’re talking people from Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den, Hootsuite, Freshbooks, etc.

You pull back the curtain. Give them all immediate access. And spend the longest, most excruciating twenty minutes of your life waiting for them to interact with your product and give the raving reviews you expected.

But instead you’re met with…

Welcome to the origin story of my last company, clarity.fm.

Before the 100K+ users and eventual exit, there was a botched launch and a punch-to-the-gut that nearly KO’d the company before it ever got off the ground.

What I share in this week’s episode is how I took clarity from 300 apathetic users that I pretty much bribed and begged to support the product…

… to having enough raving fans and active users to fill up Wembley stadium.

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At a high level, here are the 5 steps towards growth hacking your way to 100K users:

While giving value in advance isn’t exactly mind blowing, there are TWO hugely impactful ways to go about doing this.

Most people are familiar with the first type ( providing useful content that educates and solves specific pain points for your audience).

The other is a bit more subtle, but when done right (like Vidyard and Hubspot have done)… it can be the x-factor that unlocks massive growth for your company.

Watch the full ep to get the deep dive on the strategy, and then drop me a comment letting me know which of the steps you plan to test this quarter to spur more growth for your SaaS company.

Dan Martell has advised more startups than his hometown has people and teaches startup founders like you how to scale. (Get the free 3 videos to grow your business here.) He previously created, raised venture funding for and successfully exited two tech startups: Flowtown and Clarity.fm. You should follow him on twitter @danmartell for tweets that are actually awesome.

Originally published at https://www.danmartell.com on April 29, 2019.