3 Strategies To Validate Your Startup Idea

Last week I had a call with Jamie.

Jamie was excited about his startup idea.

He even went as far as building a fully functioning product.

It had a great marketing site and a decent looking pricing page.

Now, when I looked at the pricing I knew something was off.

He wasn’t charging enough to build a Growth Engine.

The prices were less than $10 dollars per month AT THE HIGH END and it was a business to business SAAS product.

There’s no way he’d be able to acquire customers on that little revenue.

So I asked about customers — very few (I’m guessing < 10).

Then I asked how long he’d been working on the startup for…

3 years!?!

Wow… what had he learned in that time? What progress did he make other than building features?

Very little.

Here’s why I know Jamie is wrong, and you’re wrong about your startup.

Because we ALL are.

It’s one of my core beliefs when starting a business.

I know I’m wrong about some aspect of the business model.

Which part? I don’t know… but that’s the starting point.

In this weeks video I want to share with you 3 strategies to help you avoid false positive validation and get customers faster.

I go over 3 strategies that will help you generate revenues FASTER! Here they are…

1. Clickable Prototype
2. EAP Strategy

I shared these with Jamie to help him reset his roadmap and use these strategies to fix his product positioning AND business model.

Strategy #3 alone would have saved him years of going sideways not making any progress.

Now it’s your turn… what assumption about your business did you have that turned out wrong? Leave a comment with your story here!

Here’s to learning fast!

Dan Martell has advised more startups than his hometown has people and teaches startup founders like you how to scale. (Get the free 3 videos to grow your business here.) He previously created, raised venture funding for and successfully exited two tech startups: Flowtown and Clarity.fm. You should follow him on twitter @danmartell for tweets that are actually awesome.

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