Getting started with Web Development

I recently started at a frontend development bootcamp in St. Petersburg called “The Iron Yard.” The first week we focused mostly on the fundamentals of html and css. This week we started on Javascript. The first project we undertook with the “FizzBuzz” problem. FizzBuzz prints all whole integers between 1 and 100 but replaces multiples of 3 with “fizz”, multiples of 5 with “buzz” and multiples of 3 and 5 with “fizzbuzz.” It is a relatively basic problem that got us acquainted with using loops and using boolean logic. I found JavaScript to be considerably more enjoyable to html/css because I enjoy the process of problem solving. Moving forward, I am excited to be doing more work in JavaScript because the process of thinking through a complex problems is a challenge that I thoroughly enjoy. I am also excited about Front End Development in a wider sense because while I like the analytical side of it, I also enjoy the aesthetic component. Growing up, I was never very good at drawing, so i couldn’t really express myself artistically. While it may be controversial to call web design “art”, it is certainly a form of expression and making something that is aesthetically pleasing and functional is something I look forward too.

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