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Guys are you playing dumb or did you not read the leaks? They’ve been basically 85–90% corroborated at this point. We can be FAIRLY CERTAIN (I mean, it’s possible the leaks just knew what’s going on at a macro-level based on scenes/environs/characters-on-site and are just making up the details to fit those circumstances, but that seems unlikely at this point based on the sheer amount of accuracy/corroboration) that they’re north of the wall on a capture-a-wight mission to bring one south as proof to Dany that the White Walkers are a threat, in order to enlist her help in the Great War. Gendry will be there on the mission too, along with Tormund, the Brotherhood, and Ser Jorah. The Hound isn’t going to die in that scene, but Thoros of Myr and Beric both will. They will be encircled by wights and seemingly doomed when Dany will show up on dragonback to save them…except for Jon who will somehow get left behind and will again be seemingly doomed. BUT THEN!!! Uncle Benjen will ride up one last time, buy Jon some time and give him his horse, and go down fighting. Then Jon rides off and catches up with Dany and crew elsewhere.

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