The publicly captured acts of physical and psychological violence against Black bodies and minds over the last few weeks have left me feeling…numb. My mind knows it should probably feel more, but my heart and soul have become desensitized, to a certain extent, after consistent exposure to violent acts against my community. I am tired. We are tired. But there is more work to be done to eradicate white supremacy and create a more equitable future.

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Today I want to share a company my team and I have been building this year, Spora Health. Spora Health is a primary care network for people of color (Black, Latinx, South-Asian, and East-Asian Americans). We are creating a new category of healthcare — Culture Centered Care — in which we provide access to doctors and an experience that reflects your culture. This means we will believe you when you tell us you’re in pain, provide multilingual communications, and educate you on the ways your environment affects your physical and mental health. …

At Pathrise, our mission is to bridge the information gap between job seekers and companies. We believe that when candidates are fully in the know about prospective company mission and values, hiring processes, demographics, and even interview questions, they will be able to walk into their interviews with the confidence to be the best version of themselves.

That is why we are excited to launch Interviewing Insider Guides: to give candidates everything that they need to know in one place. …

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In early June, I published an article titled Designing for stigmatized communities: a framework, which served as an exploration in design thinking to help us — designers — create increasingly inclusive products. A few weeks ago, I decided to take the idea further by applying the framework to a large people problem — unintended pregnancies. Below is a case study on the work, and snapshot of the current state of the product, in an effort to open-source the work and allow anyone to collaborate on pushing it forward.

Before I move on, I do want to address the elephant in the room. It is not lost on me that I am a male prescribing a potential solution for a problem that directly effects women. I think it is worth noting, throughout my entire design process I have been in constant contact with fantastic female researchers, designers, engineers, etc. to receive feedback and make sure a woman’s understanding and intuition are taken into account during the design of potential solutions. Hopefully collaboration will happen in the future, although thus far, time constraints have worked against us and unfortunately, limited our collaborations to feedback conversations. I believe, collective female understanding and intuition, coupled with my experience as a digital health entrepreneur, place me in a good position to thoughtfully create a product that may serve as a solution — and I hope it is received as such. …


Dan Miller

Founder, CEO of Spora Health | 🖤

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