A Business Coach’s Guide to Podcast Interview Marketing

Trying to break through the noise of content marketing can tax anyone. Business coaches can get overwhelmed especially, as you try to schedule coaching calls, research companies, build your network and work on your own leadership skills. Adding content creation like blog articles to the mix can lead to sweaty palms, labored breathing and a pressure on your chest like it’s your first public presentation. In short, it’s an anxiety-filled experience for many.

It’s a noisy world

Add to the mix the fact that it seems everyone is creating content — from blog articles to videos to Instagram art — and you start to wonder if anyone is even “listening” anymore. No longer is the existential question about a tree in the woods relevant — it’s “If you create content and no one notices, are you marketing?”

Rather than add homework to your plate and try to shout louder in content marketing, you may just find a new way to authentically connect with an ideal audience through a proven medium: conversation. Podcast interview marketing is just that: a conversation that an audience wants to listen to. In fact, podcasts are becoming one of the most popular forms of information gathering. With more than 400,000 podcasts on the iTunes platform alone, the popularity of this medium is poised for explosive growth in the years ahead of us.

The great thing about podcast interviews is that you don’t have to write a new article or produce a video every time — you get to simply converse with someone who already has an audience, you’re their subject matter expert and you get to tell your story.

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How does a business coach start a podcast interview marketing campaign?

Find your voice

Step 1: Research

Marketing professionals focus on ideal buyer through demographics, buyer behavior, psychographics and more. These data points help us develop our buyer persona. Start with a buyer persona and the rest of your lead generation will fall into place. If you don’t know your buyer, you’re just shouting into a vaccuum.

Figure out who exactly you want to reach and why. Once you know who your buyer persona is and what they like, you’ll start to understand what they do in their free time. You may also discover where they go for information — like the kinds of podcasts that interest them.

As you research the shows would they listen to, don’t just make educated guesses; be direct. Ask them with surveys, social media post or the direct question. Search through iTunes with the eye’s of your ideal customer. New and noteworthy is a great place to identify up and coming shows.

Step 2: Pick your podcasts

The goal of podcast interview marketing should not be just the biggest shows, but podcasts that reach your ideal audience. These listeners will convert to leads at a much higher rate. Also, you can use shows to improve as you go and point to as an example for future larger shows.

You’ll find more fish (listeners) in the ocean (big shows) than in a barrel (smaller shows). But isn’t it easier to fish from a barrel? A niche podcast may have a smaller audience, but the listeners are engaged and you can be more laser-focused on the right audience. Pick up to 5 shows you want to shoot for, and start working.

Step 3: Build a relationship

The number one way to reach a podcast host is through a personal introduction. At Interview Valet, we surveyed over 500 top podcasters to find out how they like to be pitched. A warm introduction from someone they trust topped the list. As you research the shows, go to LinkedIn and Facebook to see if you have mutual connections — you may be surprised. Follow them on Twitter and interact with them.

PRO TIP: Don’t just tweet at the host “Hey I’d love to be on your show.” Instead, take some time to retweet them, answer questions or ask questions of them and generally interact. If they respond, you can begin to develop that relationship. Be patient and be human.

Step 4: Ask nicely

The podcast world is a tight knit community. It’s always important to treat other how you’d like to be treated. That’s even more true when it’s a small world. Behave well with respect — play well in the sandbox — and podcast hosts will spread your message naturally to their peers.

Asking for an interview isn’t pushy, it’s a way to bring valuable content to their show and it’s a nod to the hard work they’ve put into their show. Share with the host the value you think you can bring to their listeners — that’s important. And ask nicely.

Step 5: Prepare

Read up on the host, listen to some shows and get to know their audience. Read any material sent your way like a show flow or brief sheet. Explore social media a bit to get to know the host (maybe you’ve traveled somewhere in common). It can be a great connection.

When you’re looking to get featured on podcasts, making a good first impression with the proper preparedness will go a long way.

Build your business with podcast interview marketing and bring in more business coaching clients! The key is to find the right shows with the right audience that fit your personality, then build relationships. Interview Valet offers a great service for business coaches interested in podcast interview marketing. You’re the guest, we do the rest.

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