This Is My Confession.
Jen Vazmina

I love so much about this. First, the complete honesty of the struggle you face. When we define ourselves by our income, what happens when we have none? I know for fact that The Old Man doesn’t define you by your payday intake. But that doesn’t mean you won’t struggle with it. You have a tough road ahead on that one.

But think about it this way: Why does “Western Culture” define our human experience by the numbers we see in a bank account , a paycheck or a tax return. Why can’t we define our humanness by those Tuesday mountain hikes, those farm seasons, that volunteering (amazing idea btw!) or those writings we share with the world?

What would your dad say? If this was my daughter asking these tough questions, I’d say: “Daughter, you’re a much more cognitive human than I could ever dream to be. THAT is what defines you. Go. Be. Write. And The Old Man loves you the way I know he does, then he the income he brings in is in large part because of the work you do behind the scenes… and that’s enough for you.”

I hope that makes sense. I wanted to encourage you on this journey of discovery. I admire you, Jen. Keep up the good works.

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