Same Different World

First, a common premise. Often we find people (including but not limited to ourselves) arguing with ideas that are not necessarily opposed, one to the other. It then follows that people can agree on things they don’t see the same. Call it positive misunderstand if you will.

A hypothetical example would be the way we each see color. If you have been seeing the clear sky gray (which would be awesome) but being told the since birth that the color you see is blue, you’d live your whole life agreeing with everyone on the color of the sky regardless what they individually saw.

Filler. The Duke defined a moment to Celie this way. “A certain disposition of the senses, as unexpected as it is involuntary, which a woman can conceal, but which, should it be perceived or sensed by someone who might profit from it, puts her in the greatest danger of being a little more willing than she thought she ever should or could be.” What does this have to do with the way we see the world? Absolutely nothing

Now the juicy part. We all seem to agree on one thing, we are, each of us, different from one another. We love different things, we love different people, we do things differently, even our feeling, unquantifiable though they may be, we are sure are different and this is rooted from what we see. If you could, for a second, be so impudent as to assume the mind of the creator, it would be infinitely easier to create one or two (something like a human template) and simply alter what each spawn sees. We could all favor the color gray and yet another would see blue where I see gray and so love blue. We might all love Rock music and yet others hear pop when I hear rock and so love pop music. We might all love Bacon and yet another tastes the taste of bacon in Chicken and professes to love chicken. The scent of roses in lilies or lilies in roses. Even the warm embrace of a loved one. We might are be the same and yet behold, we are different.

Oh and I must supplement the Duke’s description. For I believe moments perfect event produced by a chaotic universe which fickle fate grants onto a man (or woman), and when fate does not(which happens more often than not), a man must forge for himself and still let the rest of the world attribute it to fate.



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Dan Mumba

Dan Mumba


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