Traveling to a healthcare event last year, I shared a long ride from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport to Nijmegen with Nick Adkins. Nick is one of those larger than life characters in healthcare that’s amassed a sizeable and loyal following — both in real life and on social media channels like Twitter. To that point, we had only traded tweets — so it was a great chance to meet him in person. If there’s an opposite to the character of a grifter or con artist it’s a gifter — someone who gives freely of their time and energy. That’s probably the…

What? So Soon? We hardly got to know ya. Which is, in fact, the entire legal basis of what appears to be the first petition to impeach the President. The business empire of Donald Trump is so complex, so vast — and so directly tied to Donald Trump personally that he may have violated the same Constitution he swore (on a stack of two Bibles) to uphold — at the moment he was sworn in.

“I don’t think Richard Nixon even comes close to the level of corruption we already know about Trump.” John Dean — Nixon’s Former Lawyer


Mark Bertolini — Chairman and CEO of Aetna (photo courtesy of Bloomberg)

Full disclosure: I’ve never met Aetna’s CEO Mark Bertolini, but I did transcribe his keynote speech for a piece on Forbes in 2014. In fact, the general theme of Mark’s keynote (and in the headline I wrote) was the Creative Destruction of Healthcare.” I have no idea if Mark’s seen the Forbes piece — but I’d like to think he has. There were — and are — some great thoughts in that speech which is now over 2 years old.

Mark needs no defense, of course, but I write this in the spirit of a great quote I keep at…

I don’t think Apple has actually won the current PR battle with the FBI yet, but I do think they are winning it — even though a recent Pew Research poll suggests it’s an uphill battle.

So — I’ve been running Windows 10 as a clean install for a few months now and up until two days ago — was generally happy with the stability and increased performance.

Then the KB3124262 “cumulative” update hit — and I’m changing my opinion on Windows 10 altogether. Here’s why.

Unlike previous versions of Windows, with Windows 10 there is no longer a user-configurable way to avoid installing updates. Updates are automatically downloaded — and installed.

For others who have had a different problem with KB3124262 — that has meant an endless loop.

The sequence is hardwired — with no…

Whatever it is that we’re doing currently — or not doing — isn’t working — and here’s the evidence (through June 2015):

My blood inside two “Nanotainer’s”

That’s a picture of my blood in two small vials — which Theranos calls “nanotainer’s.” I had ordered the blood test at a local Theranos clinic shortly after the company announced their “FDA approval” this last July. The FDA announcement coincided with a legislative one here in Arizona that now allows consumers to buy blood tests directly without a doctor's order. The two announcements this year were an interesting development and the high-profile startup had elected to make Phoenix their launchpad through a partnership with Walgreens. …

Full disclosure ‒ I've used Uber twice. Once in San Francisco and once in San Diego. I’m not openly critical of the service (as some are), but my two experiences were “meh” at best. Yes it worked ‒ yes it was cheaper ‒ but I wouldn't categorize the experience as remotely revolutionary or “disruptive.” Hailing a cab with my phone felt about as revolutionary as checking‒in on Foursquare or using Groupon. High novelty factor maybe, but also based on a ton of assumptions around consumer behavior and change.

I also realize that I’m definitely not the target demographic of young…

The race to own the wrist is in full swing ‒ and Apple hasn't even arrived. With less than two weeks to go (likely September 9th), here are three reasons why I think the iWatch will be a flop. The watch will be gorgeous, to be sure, but it won’t come close to rivaling the adoption rate of other Apple tech.

The first hurdle is that it’s really an evolutionary product category. Unlike the iPod, or iPhone or iPad, Apple isn't really inventing a new device ‒ it’s working on a first release of a product that already has some…

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