He’s a great analyst.
Here is the full 60 Minutes Interview Transcript with Mike Cernovich
Mike Cernovich

Uh — no he’s not. He’s a Board Certified — Anesthesiologist with a very biased (and self proclaimed) political point-of-view. Here’s one of his own quotes:

I’m firmly opposed to Hillary Clinton on political and moral grounds ...

If you’re looking for a valid neurological diagnosis, an anesthesiologist (who’s never even met the patient) with an ax to grind isn’t a great pick — UNLESS you’re pursuing an agenda.

Beyond that, he’s also a bona-fide conspiracy theorist in that “the fundamental premise of this video is that Hillary Clinton and everyone around her — her doctor, her family and friends, the inner circle of her campaign, and the Democratic National Committee — know full well that she (supposedly) has an incapacitating disease and are willfully concealing that fact from the public to gain power.”

Snopes.com did a detailed analysis of Dr. Noel’s claim — and gave it a “False” Rating on September 9, 2016 — but of course much of the “fake news” damage was done by then.

The Snopes summary:

In closing, we wish to make it clear what our aim has been in this analysis. We have not tried to make the case that Hillary Clinton does not have Parkinson’s disease (in point of fact, we don’t think that case even needs making). Rather, we have shown that what Ted Noel did in this video is systematically misrepresent perfectly ordinary and explicable phenomena as “Parkinson’s disease symptoms,” and his motivation for doing so was purely political.