Two days into the boot camp and I can already feel how intense the session is. Basing on what I have experienced so far, the boot camp has been awesome. 
What makes these few days extraordinary is how team members work together to solve some of the issues faced in tackling the challenges. I personally have been on both sides of the equation. There are moments I had to seek help and those I had to help out my team members.

The learning curve at this boot camp is quite steep. I could say steeper than any learning curve I’ve ever faced. But I am determined and willing to walk through all the curves, bends and challenges to make sure this boot camp is a success.

What I have learned at this point is that it’s never too hard to learn something new in programming. A day ago, I didn’t know how to do test driven development(TDD). But now, as a developer, I can comfortably do TDD on any project in python.

Bottomline, the boot camp keeps me all alert and adrenaline fill ed ready to take on the next challenge at any moment.

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