My experience at Andela boot camp so far: Take 2

Have you ever been on a scary roller coaster? It’s okay if you haven’t. I will tell you about it. Here is how my description goes.

At the very beginning, you sit on the roller coaster with all your hopes up and your “am gonna have a lot of fun” -face. You are all buckled up ready for the journey.

At the very moment the roller coaster starts to move, your doubts partially kick in. you start to feel afraid of what lies ahead. “I don’t think I am ready for this”, you mutter to yourself as the roller coaster gains speed. Then suddenly you remember that this is what you were in for when you came to take this ride. It’s what you really felt you needed at the time. 
As your doubts start to fade, in comes fear. The words “will I really make it through this” race through your mind as you approach a loop. At this point. you are aware of the adrenaline rush through your body created by this experience.

You are halfway around the loop and you feel both fun and fear, but your hope that the ride will get better, willingness to go through all that and faith in the integrity of the roller coaster keep you from getting a heart attack at this point.

That is where I am right now, halfway through the loop. All the learning experiences I have gone through, all the teamwork that is going on and all that I am yet to learn, are what keep me on edge and motivated to keep on going ahead and learning more.
The Andela boot camp so far one of the greatest learning experience I have ever had. Andela is awesome! and I still have a long way to go.
I am gonna continue learning, helping out team members and making good use of what I have learned to create marvelous programming art.