I’m currently wearing a small human on my chest because she screams when I put her in the crib.
This whole piece is sweet.
Courtney MacDonald

Hi Courtney. I saw you followed me and wandered over to your page. I think I can help you with this. Both my daughters would cry when I put them in their cribs, so I called the “warm line” at the hospital and was told about the night time routine.

If you put your baby in her crib while she is sleeping in your warm, loving arms, as soon as she wakes up, she will be looking for you. The last she remembered, you were holding her. This is why she cries.

Give her her night time feeding in a chair in her room. Read her a story. Then walk her around her room, saying goodnight to all her stuffed animals, toys, etc. If she falls asleep in your arms, you must wake her up and place her in her crib. When she cries, go to her, but do not pick her up. Touch her softly and talk to her, telling her that she is safe, and that her crib is a safe place. Tell her how much you love her, and then walk out of the room. If she cries again, go back to touch her so she knows that she is not alone but that her crib is her safe place.

Does she have a transitional object (lovey)? Like a blanket or a small stuffed animal? She will learn to associate you with her transitional object if you take it with her wherever she goes and also hold it when she is feeding. It will have your smell, so make sure you place it in the crib with your daughter. I hope this helps.

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