Poor excuse for a Father ! I wonder how he was raised ?
Susan Christiana

Hmmm. I’m having an interesting reaction to your response, Susan. I want to say “Oh, but wait! Don’t be so hard on him! You don’t know him. You only see the negative through one story.” And then I realize I’ve only written about the negative, the angry, the monster father. You see, there were other sides of him, and there were reasons to appreciate him. For instance, he was a caretaker. When anyone — family or friend — was ill, he was the one who would take charge and either care for the sick person or help the care giver of the one who was sick.

You see, my father was more than terrible in everyday life, and yes, it was ongoing every single day; however, when an important issue developed, he always rose to the occasion and handled things effortlessly and intelligently. In other words, he was someone to depend on for physical safety. No, I couldn’t feel emotionally safe with him, but physically, very much so.

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