Danna Colman Good question on alone versus lonely.
Jenny Lawton

I like your answers, and you’ve made me think about this some more, too. Yes, it’s not necessarily a lonely feeling if you are connected when the person is away. It’s all about the relationship.

When my younger daughter was preparing to leave for college, I would cry thinking about not having her within reach. I actually moved from Los Angeles to San Diego to be closer. She had received a four-year athletic scholarship and would be too busy with school and tennis to make the two and a half hour drive home. Just imagining how much I would miss her was painful, and so I decided to move to San Diego. I knew that if I was able to see her easily, that was all I would need.

You also talked about being bored sometimes. Now, that’s a feeling I never have. Even when I feel I have nothing to do, there’s always just quiet thinking.

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