“our” (not sure who owns who)
We have had much experience with this .

I love that you said this, smokey! When I was writing the skunk story, I think at one point I said something like “If you own a dog…” and then deleted because I didn’t like the way it sounded. We are equals — Well, not exactly true. She is more evolved than I am ❤

No, Georgia doesn’t smell “sweet” either. There is a lingering stink around her head, and I only discovered by her smelly kisses, that the skunk kissed her on the mouth :(

I don’t usually push pictures on anyone, but since you said she is gorgeous, I’m hoping you will enjoy seeing more photos. I wrote three stories with lots of Georgia shots, so if you’re interested, be my guest to look through them, and don’t feel obligated to read the stories. They actually began as an experiment after hearing so much about click bate to see if listicles really did garner more views.

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