Why are you still fanning the embers? What is your reason for thrashing dead horses?
“ Danna’s *behaviors* (as opposed to Danna herself) have been the opposite of positive, supportive…
Rev. Fred Denial

I would like to know, too. It’s not just Anna; it’s H. Nemesis Nyx, as well. I’ve seen everything she continues to write about me, and finally I forwarded an email I received with all her posts to her yesterday. Her response:

“I said nothing, I wouldn’t say straight to your face.

Do not contact me again. Nothing I said was a lie, Danna. Therefore it’s not defaming.


I sent her another few tonight with the message:

“You are the only one who is escalating anything. I haven’t written about this in ages. It’s only you.”

Unfortunately, I don’t believe she will stop writing about me on Medium and will tell me not to contact her again.

Thanks, Rev. Fred Denial, only you and Sarah Williams have tried to put a stop to all of this. The ones I call “The Sorority Sisters” keep recommending H. Nemesis’s stories. And now they have recommended Anna’s.

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