Colette Clarke Torres, Mike Essig, Randomly Me, Paul Reney, Sherry Caris, alto, S Lynn Knight…
Danna Colman

I would like to write out the instructions for the dinner party being held on Tuesday evening, but first I will need to have a head count. So far the writers who will be present are Solitary Cook, Mike Essig, alto, David Montgomery, Sonny Bohanan, GailinSpain. Colette Clarke Torres and Paul Reney are unable to come, and we have not heard from Randomly Me, S Lynn Knight or Sherry Caris. Lisa Renee, are you planning to attend? Solitary Cook, please contact me by private message as soon as possible. And would those who have not sent in their RSVP please do so tomorrow, June 5 before 6 pm. Thank you.

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