I realize he is a practiced attorney, because he mentions it often, and throws it around whenever he disagrees. He’s perfectly content to read other people’s opinions as long as they coincide with his, but if they don’t, he starts ranting about citing and proof. I am not referring to only his responses to her, but to others…responses I believe are over the top for someone who should be practiced in rational, logical arguments.
First of all, I need you to know that I had a long reply almost written when who-knows-what…
Randomly Me

I’m pretty sure no one reading this is interested in what I have to say other than you, K., but you are correct in that I was only pointing out my own experience and that of another woman who lost her husband in a medical facility.

The interesting thing to me is that I felt I was being compassionate by letting him know how sorry I was that he is having so many medical issues within his family. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that others have found the hospital which he respects to have its own set of problems, but I was being honest about what I have read and been told. Again, I was only trying to inform, not hurt. He accused me of pointing to my “dead husband” as an example, which he felt was inappropriate. I tried to explain to him that I don’t have a dead husband and that he was mistaken. He was also in err when he replied that my hospital story was incorrect. When he said he’d never heard of ethanol therapy being given for PVCs, I explained that it wasn’t the case, and that is not what I said. The PVCs were caused by another medication to stop labor. In fact, I was never given alcohol therapy/ethanol. It’s all right here if anyone is interested in knowing the facts.

Anyway, after I corrected him, he blocked me, so we never got that sorted. I do see that many people on Medium are asking him for legal advice. Does anyone really know who he is other than Thin Man? Does anyone know if he is a real person? I mean, he could actually be a fat man (just trying to lighten things up a bit.

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