Yep, Danna, she’s still there, still working!
Lisa Shanahan

I’m so glad you’re able to visit your daughter so often. And the westside of L.A. is definitely fun to visit. I lived in Brentwood, and I miss my favorite shops, restaurants and walking on Montana Ave. Point Loma, where I live, is so much more relaxing, though, and it’s a different lifestyle. I don’t put on makeup any more to go to the grocery store, and no one cares what kind of car I drive and how big my house is ;)

I write mostly about my life growing up with an abusive father, so I won’t send you links to those stories. I did write a story to Olivia for her twenty-seventh birthday last week, which I’ll share with you:

And here’s a sweet little story about a lost puppy in Beverly Hills:

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