Dear Solitary Cook and Danna Colman how was your virtual dinner party?
Sonny Bohanan

It was very strange, Sonny. Mike and I showed up at the designated time which was 8 pm central — so 6 pm for me and 9 pm for Mike — but no one else was there. We chatted a bit and kept mentioning that maybe the rest of the guests got mixed up because of time zone differences. Mike went to sleep about an hour and ten minutes after waiting, and then I went off line a few minutes later. When I checked again, Alto and David appeared and said they got time confused. I sent private messages and emails to Alto but have not heard back. I shouted out to Cook half a dozen times that I was worried and still nothing. I don’t know. All very strange to me. So you didn’t miss anything other than some anxiety wondering what happened to everyone.:(