So, I hope this and more stories to come will help someone out there.
It’s The Life I’ve Been Dealt
Jason Flamm

Jason Flamm, you are very brave to tell your stories to the world, and you will be rewarded by knowing there are many people who will benefit by your words. And Sheree, thank you for saying what you did, as well. I am also the adult daughter of an abusive father, and everything in your response to Jason resonated with me. I was just speaking with another Medium writer and told her this: I blame my parents for my terrible childhood, but that and my miserable adult years are both over. I used to talk about my parents to everyone I knew. One day I realized that I wasn’t talking about them any longer. They weren’t a part of my life any longer. Yes, who I am today is the composition that they mostly painted, but I wouldn’t want to give up any of the pain I experienced because I’m happy with me now, and I’m no longer suffering.

If you’re interested, here is the conversation in full:

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