On Feathers and Jackson Browne

Last night, my daughter Olivia and I went to a Jackson Browne concert. We were having a wonderful time until a woman walked up to me and inquired, “I heard your dog is dying?” I replied, “Uh no. Not that I know of.” And then she said, “Yeah, I heard your dog is dying, and that’s why you’re allowed to bring her here.” My heart missed a beat, and for half a second I wondered if she was clairvoyant. I then clarify that Georgia is a Service Dog, and that is the reason she is able to accompany me to the concert. She again said, “No, it’s because she’s dying.” Just a minute later she said, “Oh, no, she has a bird feather in her hair! Let me get it!” I protested, “No, those are feather extensions!” She grabbed for Georgia’s ear, and before I could get another word out she said, as she yanked out the first feather, “I know a bird feather when I see one, and those are bird feathers!” And before I could speak again, she grabbed Georgia’s other ear and pinched off the feathers and told me I didn’t know what I was talking about.

I’m heartbroken that Georgia was attacked by a crazed concert-goer. I’m troubled that people can be so mean. And I should mention that several people came to our rescue. One woman sitting behind us even reached her arms out to take Georgia from me because she could see we were anxious. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

But Jackson Browne, he was just as good as ever. He is a five-star performer and enjoys his audience, and they adore him. And except for this one woman, everyone who saw Georgia last night wanted to say hello and talk to her. Thankfully, Georgia only felt love and kindness and didn’t notice that her feathers were torn and missing. She’s a happy girl.