maybe this is true for you and other women, but don’t assume it’s true for EVERY woman.
Rally Stanoeva

The question of who women dress for has come up throughout the years, and there have even been studies done on the subject. I have read that two thirds of women dress to impress other women because they are looking to be complimented by their peers.

When a woman looks in the mirror, she isn’t asking herself what he sees because men don’t even notice many of the things we do to enhance our appearance; i.e, manicures, pedicures, waxing, etc. My female friends and daughters will notice when I haven’t shaved my legs most of the winter, but I’ve never heard a word from my male friends, past lovers or my brother.

Most men aren’t interested when it comes to clothes, accessories, makeup, etc., but women always pay attention. Women are the ones reading the trendy magazines and talking to their friends about fashion. Most men could care less unless you haven’t taken a bath or brushed your teeth.

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