Yes, I was one, too.
We teachers had a name for kids like you.
Thom Garrett

There was this one time I knew exactly what was happening. I was taking the California Court Reporting Examination for the second time and had already passed the written part — medical terminology, legal terminology and English grammar, punctuation and spelling. All that was left was for me to take dictation at 200 wpm while sitting in a room full of hundreds of students all attentive to the panel on the dais who were representative of the court, two attorneys and a witness. Four voices speaking rapidly, and frequently interrupting one another.

It was about halfway through the exam when my fingers began to tremble and my thoughts were “Oh my God I’m getting this and oh my God I’m going to be a court reporter and I’m going to be working out in the world and I’m going to have to go to different law firms every day and I’m going to be scared shitless and ….” my fingers froze.

Now that is a perfect example of fear of success if I’ve ever seen one.

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