I would never take a shit again for the rest of my life.
A Love Letter to My Big Sister
Sherry Caris

You’d surprise yourself. I was just like you’ve described yourself before and even after I had kids. I couldn’t imagine any of it! But you know what happened? My kids didn’t scream and throw tantrums. They didn’t make big messes either or even give me a pounding headache. Ask me how that could be, and I’ll tell you I don’t know except that I wouldn’t allow it. I told them what would be tolerated and what wouldn’t. And if they misbehaved there were consequences. They learned fast.

I know your story isn’t about your sister’s kids — it’s about your relationship and how you admire and adore her, but I just wanted to say that I am much more like you than your sister and still was able to have two children and not only live through it but love through it.

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