HEED, Euroleague and Illuminated Reality — We’re Just Getting Started …

The world of live sports and entertainment is changing. And today, with the official launch of HEED EuroLeague, it will never be the same.

This is more than just an app launch, a product launch, or even a company launch. It is a quantum leap forward in how we as human beings experience and share in live sports events.

Until now, major sports leagues have done their best to leverage social media to draw more attention to their event broadcasts due to the decline in TV viewership. However, little has been done to provide new experiences that pull people deeper into the events, athletes and moments that make live sports so great in the first place.

What’s more, there has existed a fundamental tension between the reality individuals experience on their mobile devices and the reality going on all around them. Indeed, too frequently social media and digital technologies distract us from the moments that matter, and we end up missing out on real life while we text, post, like and share.

But all that ends with HEED.

Our mission is to make the best moments of live events accessible and compelling to everyone, and to create immersive, fully engaging digital arenas for these events to reach new audiences worldwide.

Ultimately, this isn’t about competing with real life. It is about connecting with it more deeply.

At HEED, we see a world in which live events become global digital experiences, viewers become participants, and stats become stories. And we are making that vision come to life by sharing the previously imperceptible emotional, behavioral and physical realities behind the most meaningful moments from live events. HEED takes these bleeding edge insights and delivers them to fans in an exciting, visually dynamic format, accessible immediately on their phones.

Let’s face it: the consumption behavior of fans, especially young fans, has changed. These fans have come to expect the biggest moments in sports to be delivered on-demand to wherever they are in the world. Their passion for sports has not changed, however — only the way they consume and interact with them. HEED breaks the linear viewing experience into exciting, moments, micro stories. These are the moments that are most engaging, and the ones that allow fans to connect and engage with their favorite teams and players in a fast-paced, on-demand world of digital consumption.

Our EuroLeague launch is only the beginning. Following the path set forth by our visionary co-founders Mati Kochavi and Ari Emanuel, we’ve been hard at work over the past few years laying the foundations of something entirely new.

Something that will reshape the digital fan experience across the sporting landscape. Forever.

So how do we do this? HEED combines social media, Internet of Things (IoT) analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a truly first of its kind digital platform. Players and coaches are equipped with state-of-the-art wearable sensors and entire arenas are outfitted with cutting-edge cameras and sensors to gather information about the pulse and energy of the crowd. From sensors to senses, we transmit the heart and soul of any live event directly into the hearts and minds of people everywhere, through the power of what we like to call “Illuminated Reality”.

Unlike “Artificial Reality”, which draws people into a fantasy world, our technology helps people see all the hidden truths contained within a live moment and draws them deeper into that reality. What is the emotional intensity of the crowd? Or the coach? How fast, far and high are the athletes jumping? What’s the story behind the score? And how is the momentum of the game shifting? These are the moments that matter — illuminated by HEED. HEED then delivers these moments to fans in a way that lets them capture, share, and participate in them together as a community.

All of this adds up to the automated generation of digital experiences that pull people deeper into the moments that define a game, a rivalry, a dynasty. Even an entire sport.

We are thrilled to be bringing this vision to life. Over the past year, HEED has made amazing progress in adding best in class talent, developing the platform, creating a compelling UX + UI, growing a strong pipeline of partners and building momentum not just for this company, but for this new category.

We could not have done any of this without the enthusiastic and brilliant guidance and ongoing support of Mati Kochavi, alongside with the dedication and incredible effort of the entire HEED family, and we’re so grateful to have them along with us on this journey.

We are just as excited to have you along with us, as well.

As we launch with EuroLeague, we cannot wait to see how this ignites the imaginations of fans, teams, leagues, and live event executives all around the world. Because, as this exciting new platform comes to life, it is even more exciting to realize that we are witnessing the beginning of next chapter in live entertainment — a chapter we all get to write, together.

Game on.

Danna Rabin