Why are moodboards important? Why would we waste 2 hours talking about the mood with a team, 2 more hours looking at images and 5 hours refining and assembling a moodboard even though none of our team will even remember to look at it by the end of the week? Let’s first take a look at why moodboards are necessary, then we can get to a few best practices for creating and using moodboards.

  1. Unification

A team has many members and many brains. This is a beautiful thing, but it also means that if one particular person uses a phrase like “a clean look” what they could mean is that something has a lack of grunge or texture, but another team member might be thinking that by “clean” they are referring to some form of minimalism. …

Community identity

Our identity is closely tied to where we are from, where we live and where we expect to go. Our nature is to stitch our social circles into comparisons of ‘Us vs. Them.' This is the competition that gives meaning to each individual, can force behavior, make us wear certain clothes, say certain things and avoid certain people.

Online vs offline identity

In the last 10 years our identity has been radically shifted from a pure social community from our home town; built by childhood friends, college dorm-mates and church assemblies to a crazy, ambiguous ever changing and self-created list of online profiles. So the question remains: Who am I? Am I more the person from a certain list of places who went to a certain sports camp and married a certain someone, or am I more the person who has 700 Pinterest followers, reviews cameras on YouTube and can hold 14 text conversations while I’m at the dentist? …

I was torn between two ideas:

Building a game..

Skill building in early education..

Both ideas are CRAP. Both are too large. Both are too open-ended. What I needed was to talk to a few people about my life, interests, goals, career paths, options, blah blah blah. So what did these ‘wise ones’ say? They pointed me right back to games and education.

Ahh, Hah! Now here’s an idea!!! Let’s make educational games!

“Don’t be stupid Daniel… that’s a red market. Everyone and their mother is making educational games.”

Hmm, ok, how about I take a step back. I’ll just forget about thesis ideas for awhile. I got time. …

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